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Lessons from 6 months running Axis-Praxis — a talk at TYPO Labs in Berlin

Posted 8 April, 2017

I was pleased to give a talk at the second TYPO Labs conference in Berlin. The title was: “Axis-Praxis: lessons from 6 months running a website celebrating variable fonts”. The full talk, just under an hour, is on YouTube.

It’s also hosted here: TYPO Labs: Axis-Praxis, lessons from 6 months running a website celebrating variable fonts

The blurb: “In the weeks after the OpenType 1.8 announcement about variable fonts at ATypI 2016, despite explanatory texts and videos there was no environment for enthusiasts and font-makers to experience variable fonts in practice. The following month, Laurence’s Axis-Praxis website fulfilled the need for such a place, somewhere to experiment with your own fonts and to play with fonts that others had released. The site has developed into a resource for fonts, user interfaces, ideas about the future of variable fonts, and reminders of similar activity in font technology a generation ago. Laurence will talk about what he’s learned so far, and will present Axis-Praxis Version 2.”