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New font: Dunbar by CJ Dunn

Posted 15 November, 2016

Dunbar is a new interpretation of Erbar-Grotesk, the geometric sans that predates Futura. CJ Dunn’s version offers variation in its x-height as well as its weight. It features in the introductory video to Axis-Praxis, and we’re pleased now to offer it for playing live within Axis-Praxis. Dunbar appears to be the first variable font to go on sale — at least the first this century. The variable fonts are included when you license the larger collections of styles from the family.

Read more about Dunbar, including a fine essay on Erbar-Grotesk by Indra Kupferschmid: CJ Type: Dunbar Series.

Many thanks to CJ Dunn for licensing Dunbar for use within Axis-Praxis.