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New font: Voto Serif GX, a 3-axis variable adaptation of Noto Serif

Posted 28 November, 2016

The latest arrival in Axis-Praxis’ More Fonts panel is a new variable OpenType font, Voto Serif GX, built by Adam Twardoch. Because it is released under the opensource OFL license it is available for free download as well as for testing on Axis-Praxis. The optical size axis is particularly interesting to play with.

Voto Serif GX

Based on Noto Serif and Noto Serif Display, Voto Serif GX has three variation axes: width, weight and optical size. Adam notes that it is “work in progress, definitely not recommended for any production use” and that the current version “does not yet have any GPOS features (kerning or mark attachment)”. The font has 3000 glyphs, so is perhaps the largest variable font yet.

Download the TTF and the sources at GitHub: VotoSerifGX-OFL